Yesterday & Today

Josef Jünger and his brother Adam founded the company A. & J. Jünger Feuerungs- und Schornsteinbau, located in Mannheim.
Fritz Gräter sen. joins the company.
Fritz Gräter sen. marries Leni, the only child of Josef Jünger.
Josef Jünger and his brother separate. Josef relocates the company to Schwetzingen. The company now has the name Josef Jünger OHG Feuerungs- und Schornsteinbau.
The company changed its legal form into Jünger+Gräter KG.
Fritz Gräter jun. starts in the family company as apprentice to become a refractory bricklayer.
The founder of the company, Josef Jünger, dies at the age of 74.
The company moves into the newly built Josef Jünger Building at Robert-Bosch-Str. 1.
Next to Fritz Gräter sen. Fritz Gräter jun. becomes second Managing Director.
The company is split. Business is now conducted by Jünger & Gräter GmbH Feuerfestbau. Jünger+Gräter GmbH & Co. KG is the sole partner.
Fritz Gäter sen. retires as executive manager.
Company celebrates its 50th anniversary.
Stefan Schuhmacher, who started as a refractory bricklayer, retires on his 65th birthday after 50 years in the company and an exceptional professional career. He left the company as senior engineer.
As part of a special celebration in the Schwetzingen Castle, Mr. Stefan Schuhmacher is awarded the Medal of Honor of the State of Baden-Württemberg on behalf of the Prime Minister of the State of Baden-Württemberg, Mr. Erwin Teufel.
65 years after foundation, Jünger+Gräter gets a new Corporate Design and is to be found on the Internet.
Leni Gräter, maiden name Jünger, and long-time partner dies at the age of 84. Fritz Gräter sen., long-time partner and executive manager of our company, dies at the age of 85.
With euro 32 million a new record was established that was higher than the best performance to date in 1998.
The implementation of the new Corporate Design continues. The main office building is remodeled.
25th anniversary of Jünger & Gräter GmbH Feuerfestbau. With the foundation of Jünger & Gräter Feuerfestbau in 1978 the basis was established for the company to become a prime partner in international business.
In October 2004, Markus Horn was appointed Managing Director of Jünger+Gräter. For the first time in company history a person, who was not a partner, was entrusted with the business sector technology. However, Andreas Gräter, responsible manager for human resources and legal affairs, is part of the fourth generation of the partner family in the Jünger+Gräter company.
With euro 35 million Jünger+Gräter achieves a new record. Based on this solid background, Mr. Fritz Gräter jun. retires as executive manager after 45 years of service for the company. However, he remains connected to the company as a consultant for the executive management of Jünger+Gräter.
Effective January 1, 2006, Markus Horn is the sole executive manager of Jünger & Gräter GmbH Feuerfestbau. Furthermore, Mr. Horn is appointed to executive board member of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Feuerfest- und Schornsteinbau e.V. (German Association for Refractory and Chimney Engineering).
2007 to the present
A new record with euro 42.3 million was accomplished in the 70th year of Jünger+Gräter.
The new office in Mions near Lyon, France, opened at the end of 2007. Mr. Christophe Boudéreaux is the manager of Jünger+Gräter S.A.R.L. The focus of our activities in France is on the introduction of our renowned JuSyS® tube wall systems in one of the largest markets for refuse incinerators.
Jünger+Gräter can report a new record for 2007 concerning incoming orders. Orders were placed for more than euro 48 million. Many of the orders are for long-term projects which enables us to have a positive view of the future.
In middle of 2008 Jünger & Gräter GmbH Feuerfestbau becomes Jünger+Gräter GmbH. Thus, the company underscores its increased activities around the world. The addition “Feuerfestbau” has been substituted by the more understandable word “Refractories” which will also be part of the company’s logo.
New ideas and a strong and creative agency have assisted us in creating a completely new Corporate Design for business tools, company logo and website. This will generate more focus on the advantages that J+G can offer all customers.