Flexible Structures for Optimal Results.

For years superb service beyond the installation of refractory products has been of prime importance for Jünger+Gräter. Consequently, we offer customers a multitude of further additional services in the refractory sector.

Jünger+Gräter has implemented a highly flexible business unit organization to ensure best possible service and fulfillment of all customer or industrial requirements.

This enables our employees to gather detailed project know-how covering all sectors and processes. With the extensive expertise we generate unique synergies for our customers. Experience and knowledge, which have been gained in a project or sector, can be utilized for new customer projects. Furthermore, each sector has access to the entire know-how of our company as result of the given organization model. This ensures best efficiency and optimal results.

We rely on our proven teams which are always available as contact partner for our customers.

Thus we can always ensure that our customers have a competent contact partner who understands the problems and can offer solutions. The sectors responsible for sales, marketing and individual projects are assisted by several special departments. There you will find our specialists for development, design, installation, drying and logistics for the incoming orders.

With this very flexible organization structure we feel well prepared for future challenges and requirements of the market.