The key to success.

The key to company success include solid and unique quality of our consulting and services in addition to our products and solutions for customers. This is the foundation for a long-term and secured future.

We have the desire and demand from ourselves to continuously offer our customers the qualitatively best products and services.

Best quality does not automatically equate to high costs. We view quality as a measurable benchmark of price and performance. Consequently, our objective is to achieve the best possible advantages for the customer including attractive economic conditions. We focus on our overall performance from the presentation of our offer to plant maintenance over a period of several years.

Based on 75 years of experience, we can develop customized customer concepts which fulfill all quality and safety requirements.

For the external documentation of our high quality demand we were the first German company in the refractory sector to make the decision to implement a quality management system based on DIN EN ISO 9001/9004. This is now a standard component of our business procedures.

In regard to supplies and services we do not simply rely on evaluations of suppliers. To ensure best quality we cultivate our supplier relations in form of a true partnership. Our expertise is always available to our suppliers for their product development and enhancement.

The growing number of customers, positive results of customer audits and the low number of complaints clearly prove that we are on the right track for us and our customers with the quality philosophy we have.