Experience and Passion.

Control and guide the fire – this is the purpose of refractory linings in industrial furnaces in which high temperature processes take place. The ceramic lining guides the flow of the products and fuel gases, protects the steel casing and prevents heat loss. The design of the refractory lining is primarily responsible for success. A good design starts with the first draft and ends with the drawings for the specific shaped bricks.

Based on decades of experience in this sector, all our customers get more than simple engineering. The customer profits from the experience gained with hundreds of furnaces and our know-how that we expand every day with great passion.

Refractory engineering is the core of our activities. We also provide the engineering for the steel construction so that we can design complete furnace plants.

Our performances and services:

  • Extensive consulting and technical concept

  • Basic engineering
    • selection of materials
    • wall design
    • design of steel construction (brackets, etc.)
    • preliminary determination of all size measurements
    • preparation of tender documentation (specifications, manuals etc.)

  • Detailed engineering
    • lining drawing
    • detail drawings
    • material lists
    • materials specifications
    • heat transfer calculations
    • instructions for the preparation and use of refractory materials
    • instructions for dry-out and heating-up
    • operation and maintenance instructions
    • inspection and test plans
    • calculation of statics
    • installation instructions