Biomass & Wood Incineration

Our Expertise and Experience for the Protection of the Environment.

The incineration of biomass is becoming a more and more important business sector for Jünger+Gräter. In recent years we were able to utilize experience gained in refuse incineration for the incineration of biomass, too. The incineration of more than usual contaminated biomass and standard biomass has become a challenge due to higher contamination with alkalis or other chemical compounds. This can lead to major damage to the refractory lining and resulting unscheduled shutdown of the plant.

We do not care if you operate a plant with more than 100 MW performance or small wood incineration with 1 MW. We are the right partner for any plant size and will assist you regarding design and development.

With our grades JuRA² and JUCAN we have developed products which have turned out to be revolutionary for use in the biomass incineration sector. In the past one often was faced with early damage of the refractory products based on fireclay of andalusite. The mentioned grades ensure long service lives for many years now due to their superb resistance to alkalis.

In addition to the excellent products, we also offer an “all-inclusive no worry packagefor the incineration of wood or wood chips. Specifically with our branch offices in Austria and Switzerland we are able to offer our customers in those countries competent and flexible maintenance service.

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