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Jünger+Gräter has numerous specific product solutions for critical zones in cement kilns.

During recent years the products of our JuRA² series were successfully installed in highly stressed zones in the rotary kiln, for example in the discharge or transition zone. The products are also found in the calciner. Our bricks possessing a high resistance to alkalis have provided good service results when substitute fuels were used as low-cost fuel. The JuRA² brick series are superb due to their excellent thermal shock and abrasion resistance. They are an attractive technical and commercial solution in comparison to the often used andalusite bricks having silicon carbide as part of their content.

Based on our experience in the refuse incineration sector we are very familiar with corrosion behavior and its effect on refractories. Thus, we are also highly focused on the metallic anchoring systems for the refractory materials. We can offer our customers specific solutions, for example JuSyS® ACL. These solutions require interdisciplinary knowledge about corrosion, refractories and steel. This know-how flows into the innovative design work which benefits our customers in the end.

Consequently, Jünger+Gräter is the right partner for you for any repair work or complicated maintenance shutdowns requiring more than just the installation of new refractories.


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