Chemical & Petrochemical Industry

Complex Reactions Require Specific Solutions.

The chemical and petrochemical industry and their products form the basis for many substances and products. Our modern day life would not be possible without them.

Furnaces and reactors with a refractory lining are a necessity for the production of many chemical substances. Due to extreme process conditions, for example high temperatures and pressures alongside reducing or chemically aggressive atmosphere, very high requirements are connected to the quality and installation of refractory materials.   

Specifically in the sector of synthesis gas production we are one of the very few specialists in refractory engineering having the expertise in engineering, construction and development of refractory products. Our JURAL series is one example of these product applications. Consequently, we were involved in the building of the first big gas-to-liquid plant in Qatar. But gasifiers, secondary reformers and steam reformers for the production of ammonia, hydrogen, CO or methanol are also part of our everyday business.

We are likewise very familiar with the processes and technology for oil refineries – fluid catalytic cracker plants, furnaces for calcining petrol coke and so-called fired heaters. We were involved early on in the engineering of systems to desulfurize natural gas in Claus furnaces. We developed JuSyS® LW (Light Weight) as alternative to fiber lining for the traditional steam crackers which produce ethylene and propylene. Energy efficiency could be increased as result. 

Consequently, we are highly familiarized with the specific requirements and high safety standards in the chemical and petrochemical industry. Jünger+Gräter is your partner for reliable, safe and efficient plant operation.

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