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Circulating Ideas with Long Experience for Best Operational Safety.

Fossil-fueled power plants are operated to cover over 75 % of the energy requirement in the world. Several plant types are in use and they need a refractory lining to ensure efficient process operation.

Jünger-Gräter is familiar with the specifics of the various plant types since the start of technical innovation connected to conventional power plant technology. Since the beginning Jünger+Gräter has been significantly involved in the technological enhancements in the refractory lining sector.  

Based on all these years of experience and resulting expertise edge, Jünger+Gräter is the right partner for you if a new power plant is to be built or maintenance work is required for the refractory lining in an existing plant.

For over 50 years we have accompanied the plant engineering companies around the world with our expertise in the refractory sector, specifically in the technology required for stationary and circulating fluidized bed plants. We offer and provide our know-how to partners around the world to ensure that the latest technological expertise can be applied in the field.

Starting with the traditional coal firing, incineration of sewage sludge and biomass, problematical incineration of residual and substitute fuels, we offer customized refractory systems for your specific disposal situation. Consequently, we can best support you to achieve economic efficiency and optimum protection of our environment.

Jünger+Gräter offers the suited refractory systems regardless of the technology you apply – stationary, rotating (ROWITEC®) or circulating fluidized bed.

As part of a full service concept with integrated life cycle management you get refractory systems, such as JuSyS® BFT, JuSyS® CFB, JuSyS® CFB adiabat, ceramic nozzle bottom, JUCAN, JUFAST and JURA². These ensure complete, high-end, durable and economic solutions to implement thermal disposal concepts having become more complicated over time.

Based on our technological innovations, expertise and longtime experience we can assist our customers in the upgrading of their existing plant or design/building of a new plant to fulfill all process, availability and performance requirements.

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